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Studio Tour - Hand Tools and Equipment

What is Needed to Start Making Wire Jewelry?


A lot can be accomplished with a couple pair of pliers and cutters, but, additional equipment will make your wire bending life a whole lot easier. Your pliers are the most important tools you will own so don't skimp when making this purchase. The most expensive pliers I ever bought were the first ones - $8.00 apiece - what a bargain, right? Wrong. They lasted 2-3 weeks and made my life miserable (well, not quite, but they were frustrating).


Please note that items in list below marked with "*" are available in the Warehouse Store.

* Flat nose pliers: Lindstrom #7490
* Chain nose pliers: Lindstrom #7893
* Round nose pliers - extra long jaws: German made premium quality
* Small round nose pliers: Lindstrom #7590
* Micro-bevel cutter - needed to cut up to 12 gauge wire: Lindstrom #8160
* Ball Pein hammer: Master Quality
* Nylon Head mallet: 1-1/16" x 3-1/4" head
* Steel bench block: 2 inches x 2 inches
* File: #0 cut equalling needle file for coarse filing
* File: #2 cut equalling needle file
* File: #4 cut equalling needle file for fine filing
* Liver of sulfur to oxidize your jewelry
* Bead Reamer: with 3 tips for reaming beads
  Color Wheel: 9" in diameter
* Pliers with nylon jaws to straighten wire
  Ruler: preferably one that has mm measurements also
  Mandrels: large nails, wooden dowels, pens, etc.


If you are just getting started in making wire jewelry, I suggest you practice with copper wire. It is MUCH less expensive than sterling silver and, thus, will reduce your stress as you learn. When you are ready, jump into sterling silver wire and you will be delighted. It is even easier to use than copper. You should have the following round wire gauges to practice with:

14 gauge dead soft copper or dead soft .925 silver
16 gauge dead soft copper or dead soft .925 silver
18 gauge dead soft copper or dead soft .925 silver
20 gauge dead soft copper or dead soft .925 silver
22 gauge dead soft copper or dead soft .925 silver

Do enjoy yourself, even as you practice. If you have any questions regarding wire or tools, please feel free to e-mail me at:




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