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Basic Wire Skills

Welcome to Basic Wire Skills where you will find instructions for fundamental wire techniques in jewelry making.

If you are new to wire, please be patient with yourself and if you get discouraged,  read my Bio or send me an e-mail. Remember those bygone days when you learned to drive a car? What you now do so easily was once a hair raising challenge.  Time and patience will lead you down the road to making jewelry you will be proud to wear. If you get confused don't assume it is necessarily you. Teaching wire techniques over the internet is new to me so it may take some time to make my instructions fool proof. Please e-mail me if you run into problems so that adjustments can be made.

If you choose to focus only on basic skills, know that you can make wonderful jewelry with these techniques. The above necklace is made primarily with techniques you will learn in the Basic Wire Skills section. The clasp and one bead are the only elements you won't find in this lesson and they can easily be substituted with techniques you will learn.

A note to you lefties: Sorry, the photos are all right-handed. But, the written directions are for both right and left handed people. I do hope you can make sense of it all........

I urge you to read through the Studio Tour section of my website for an overview of tools, equipment and safety concerns. The studio tour also includes important information such as how to hold your pliers. There is also a Tool List to help you get started.


The wire techniques presented in this section I learned primarily from Lynne Merchant. Numerous books are also available to help you become adept in an endless array of wrapping and bending techniques. Here are a few:

"Wire in Design" by Barbara McGuire
"Making Wire Jewelry" by Clegg and Larom
"All Wired Up" by Mark Lareau

Once you feel confident with fundamental skills, then the real fun begins. Developing design skills and determining your personal style are incredibly intriguing adventures.


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