Maker Magic Kindle Edition External Links List

MM-Cover-thOn this page you will find all the external links of my Kindle Edition of Maker Magic – How To Develop YOUR Voice Designing Art Jewelry. They are all listed by chapter and page number. Just scroll down the list till you find the link you wish to click and it will take you right to the reference cited in the book. If a chapter is missing from the list below, it means there are no external links cited in that chapter!

Preliminary Pages
Page 2
Page 5

Chapter 2 – What Type of Designer Are You?
Page 18

Chapter 3 – Intellectual Designer – Strategies
Page 26
Page 28

Chapter 4 – Emotionally Expressive Designer – Strategies
Page 31
Page 32
Page 33

Chapter 5 – Playful Designer – Strategies
Page 35
Page 36,-Most-Awesome-and-Inspiring-Offices-To-

Chapter 6 – Intuitive Designer – Strategies
Page 43
Page 45
Page 47

Chapter 7 – Innovative Designer – Strategies
Page 50
Page 51

Chapter 8 – Collaborative Designer – Strategies
Page 55

Chapter 9 – What Inspires You?
Page 63
Page 65
Page 66

Chapter 10 – What Will You Tell People About Your Inspiration?
Page 67
Page 68

Chapter 11 – Begin To Give Your Ideas Shape – Choose a Genre
Page 74
Page 75
Page 76
Page 77 slideshow_slideshow_item9_10
Page 78
Page 79
Page 80
Page 81
Page 82
Page 83
Page 84
Page 85
Page 86

Chapter 12 – Learn Design Language
Page 91

Chapter 14 – Design Principles
Page 113
Page 124
Page 129
Page 130

Chapter 15 – Materials and Possible Techniques
Page 134
Page 135
Page 136
Page 138
Page 140
Page 143
Page 147
Page 150

Chapter 17 – Practical Matters: Drawing, Templates, Models, and Discipline
Page 160
Page 161
Page 164

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Meyns, Sabrina: 296565033&type=1 (you will need to send a friend’s request to Sabrina to view this page)
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Toops, Cynthia and metalwork by Domitrovich, Chuck:
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