Metal Fabrication Studio Tour – Introduction

MF-ST-300Welcome to my metal fabrication studio. On the tour you will see some of the tools and equipment used in fabricating sheet metal and the studio I work in. Probably like you, the hours I spend making jewelry fly by in an instant (unless I am frustrated and things aren’t going well!). I hope this tour gives you a few ideas that can be applied to your studio set up. Click on topics below to go directly to that section. Enjoy yourself!

Safety Note: Keep in mind that the supplies and equipment shown in this tour are potentially dangerous if not used properly. If you are new to metalsmithing, or have not been trained in the proper use of related tools and equipment, get guidance from a qualified, trained instructor. Read and follow all instructions that come with your tools, supplies and equipment. Always use good common sense and carefully think out a procedure before beginning. Do an MSDS search for all chemicals in the studio so you know how to use them safely, and you are aware of what to do in case of a problem.

Metal Forming
Rolling Mill

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