Metal Fabrication Studio Tour – Organizing

MFST-WorkTableWhether you work with sheet metal, wire, or beads, you know how quickly a studio can spin into chaos. I like a little chaos but, I have my limits. Just to prove my point, here is a picture of my work area (not as bad as usual).

MFST-IkeaCabinetThis wood cabinet from Ikea goes a long way towards keeping me in line. Lots of drawers that easily pull out. I replaced the top surface with 4 inch thick butcher block and saved the thinner wood for shelves. If you order this unit, know that it comes in pieces – takes a while to assemble. Ikea Vaarde (Kitchen Dept., about $500); part number is 94631707.

MFST-WallMountPegboard and I just don’t get along very well. So, when I saw these wall units by Wall Control online I was thrilled. They work very well – no hangers falling off, no hammers dropping on your toes. Nice company to deal with. If the shipping fee seems high, don’t hesitate to call your order in and ask for a better price. The shipping is high in my opinion on very small orders (i.e., hangers). Here is their website:

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