connie-foxMy current work is a reflection of trends long in the making. From the beginning, design was on my mind, expressing itself as frustration and meandering in a world I knew nothing about. Slowly familiarizing myself with this new territory led to a deep appreciation and insatiable appetite for more understanding. Nothing has pleased me more in this journey than eventually helping others find their voice in jewelry making.

And, it all makes sense. After all, I am a psychotherapist when I am not making jewelry. Infusing deep sensibilities into an animate object that can be worn and shared with the world is a uniquely satisfying process. The very act of self-expression for its own sake is what art is about, isn’t it?

While I love making jewelry, the sublime experiece for me is drawing out creative expression in others. Guiding their own transformation as an artist. My current effort in this direction is on Pinterest under the title, “Design Chops: Abstract Enamel Jewelry.” Here three old friends converge – my love of abstract art, my love of enamel jewelry, and of course, my love of design. May you find a little inspiration along the way that feels like I placed it there just for you.


BlogTalk Radio Interview – I wasn’t always a jewelry designer. In this BlogTalk Radio interview with Jay Whaley I discuss the journey I took from psychotherapist to making and teaching jewelry design. I also discuss my book, Maker Magic: How to Develop YOUR Voice Designing Art Jewelry. The interview was held February 12th, 2015. Jay Whaley is a metalsmith instructor at Whaley Studios in San Diego. Here is the link to the interview – just scroll down until you find my interview: http://tobtr.com/s/7310563

MM-Cover-smMaker Magic – How To Develop YOUR Voice Designing Art Jewelry

I have written the book for people who struggle to make jewelry a clear reflection of themselves. The book is practical and down to earth. But, it also contains images of some of the most beautiful art jewelry being made today. The book is 172 pages and lays out a method of designing your work which is flexible, yet clear. I do hope learning about design opens possibilities for your work you never thought possible.

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